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However this is not the only force at work in his life. Unpredictable change is at hand by a woman who appears to stand for everything he doesn't care for, the established order. Similar books. The Desert Crucible. Drinkwaters Daughter. Shootout in Dodge City.


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She spends her evenings taking her bath by candlelight and thinking up new and more provocative window displays. Katya soon becomes the obsession of Jack Price, a handsome and married psychopath.

Jack proceeds to stalk Katya and makes her life a living hell. Tired of being harassed, Katya decides to give Jack a taste of his own medicine. Arthur began working on Lady Beware in the late '70s, shortly after the success of her second feature, The Mafu Cage , which screened at Cannes, landed her a four-picture deal at Universal. I want to show how a lady deals with this kind of insidious violence.

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A policeman can't help. The film was shot on location in Pittsburgh during the summer of after Scotti Brothers Entertainment agreed to finance and distribute it. Arthur did not approve of the film's final cut, which she said was re-edited by the producers to appeal to the exploitation crowd. They printed up negatives where I never said print.

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I, as a female director, would never exploit a woman's body and use it as a turn-on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lady Beware theatrical poster.