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Is it fear of the unknown?

To Be Successful, Burn Your Boats

Is it fear of being perceived as a failure? What is it? How did it feel at the time? How does it feel now? Let that ruminate in your brain for a moment.

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I had to. Your Current Job — Are you afraid of trying something new?

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Are you comfortable? Are you convinced that this is as good as it gets? Your Field of Employment — Have you been dreaming of a career change? Does every ounce of your work drain you?

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Are you a people person stuck behind a computer screen? This is one I had to wrestle with. A Bad Business Deal — Why is it a bad deal? Do you feel obligated to the relationship?

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An Unrealistic Dream — Sometimes this is the toughest one to spot. There are also variations among the three versions of the event.

Pupkulies & Rebecca - Burning Boats (2009)

For example, on Little Liuchiu, the temple casts cattys of candies and cookies at the crowds and the boat is paraded around the island to worship its four 'corners'. Most visitors and you can expect tens of thousands of them attend the first and last days. On Day One, a Saturday, the gods are formally invited.

Around noon a procession leaves Donglong Temple for the beach, where it meets five Wang Yeh who are returning to earth for this year's festival. When the leader of the five Wang Yeh arrives, his surname is written on a large yellow banner. Usually the procession doesn't get back to the temple till late afternoon.

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At around 7pm, local Donggang leaders carry the Wang Yeh on sedan chairs over live coals before they enter Donglong Temple. Things to watch for on this day include people with paper yokes around their necks. Square yokes indicate that a wish has been asked. A fish or round yoke means a wish has been fulfilled. Down at the beach there will be hundreds of other temple representatives with their gods and sedan chairs.

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Many will take the chairs into the ocean for a rough watery blessing. Painted troupes representing the Song Jiang Battle Array will also be around, though they usually perform earlier. A number of rites and ceremonies take place in the days between the first and last days of the festival. The Passing over Fire Ceremony sees the palanquins of the Wang Yeh and the statues of other deities being passed over bonfires to cleanse them.

This event is followed by a pilgrimage lasting several days during which different temples in the vicinity send representatives to accompany the Wang Yeh.

Burning of the Wang Yeh Boats

On the day before the burning, the Wang Yeh are carried around town on an inspection and are then feasted. The boat is also blessed. Volunteers parade the boat through town to allow it to collect every bit of misfortune and evil that it can. The boat returns to Donglong Temple around 7pm and is loaded with all manner of goods, as if truly going on a voyage. Between 10pm and 11pm, Taoist priests burn pieces of paper spells and chant in the courtyard. This ritual relieves hundreds of gods and their thousands of foot soldiers from the duties they have performed this past week.

After 11pm, watch and have your camera ready a priest with a wok, bagua symbols Chinese religious motifs , broom, rice sifter and sword as he leads a large group of priests to dance and perform rituals to direct the demons onto the boat. Around midnight the leaders of the temple offer the Wang Yeh one last special feast of dishes, which include famous traditional palace foods, local snacks, fruit and wine.