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Canal Woodin North Side Date unknown. Active; focal plane 12 m 39 ft ; white or green light, depending on direction, 2 s on, 2 s off. Trabas has Arndt's photo , Google has a closeup photo and Bing has a satellite view. Passe de Boulari Nord Range Front Active; focal plane 17 m 56 ft ; quick-flashing white light, intensified on the range line. Lighthouse painted white with a black and white checkerboard pattern facing the range. A photo is at right, Toby Smith has a view from the rear, and Google has a satellite view. Active; focal plane 52 m ft ; two white flashes every 15 s.

Eustaquio Santimano's photo is at the top of this page, Duncan Loxton has posted a fine closeup photo and another good photo , Menfes Qeddus has a fine photo , Trabas has Hans-Albert Liebetrau's photo , Adrien Cretin has a aerial photo , Wikimedia has an article on the history of the lighthouse, Huelse has a historic postcard view , Silvio Casagrande has a street view at the base of the lighthouse, and Google has a good satellite view.

This magnificent lighthouse, the pride of New Caledonia, is claimed locally to be the world's tallest cast iron tower. This title probably belongs to the Cikoneng lighthouse in Java, which is 3 m 10 ft taller.

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It was the first cast iron lighthouse built in France. The lighthouse was prefabricated in , exhibited in Paris until , then shipped halfway around the world and reassembled.

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Today it is New Caledonia's best known tourist attraction. Site open, tower open to guided tours. Active; focal plane 71 m ft ; four white flashes every 15 s, synchronized with the front light and intensified on the range line. Light displayed from a short mast atop a small 1-story square concrete equipment shelter. Trabas has Arndt's closeup photo , a distant photo third photo is available, and Google has a satellite view.

Located on a ridge at the highest point of the island. Site status unknown, may be accessible. Inactive since A good photo of the facade of the church is available, Helen Farley has a street-level photo of the south tower, Huelse has a historic postcard view , and Google has a satellite view. Active; focal plane m ft ; continuous light, white, red or green depending on direction. The front light of the range is on a 12 m 39 ft "column" near the waterfront.

Located on a hilltop a popular viewpoint above the city. Daybeacon, never lit. A photo is at right, a distant view is available, and Google has a satellite view. If pilots can see the white tower through the opening in the reef, they can enter by steering directly towards it. This is the third beacon built on this location, the first being a simple pyramid constructed in Site open.

Lantern mounted at the front of a 1-story concrete keeper's cottage. A photo is at right, a closeup is available, and Google has an indistinct satellite view.

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JO www. Entretien particulier. Iro- 5 5 nie. Voi- 6 6 lettes. Avoi- 8 8 sine. Ca- naille. Ny- lon. Uni- 20 20 ras. Cadre de pierres. Proche des du joug. Titre du nouveau roman de Guil- luzerne.

Places pour jouer. Comme bleu. Base Musso paru en cinq mots. Se laissa aller. Caser au milieu. Fille un homme qui en vaut deux. Cache les miches. Baraque foraine. Frac ou froc. Division pour voler et piquer. Grec en mer. Saint nor- textile.

Guerre de Vendée et Chouannerie de 1832

Marque de sauteur. Rat palmiste. Voile en surprise. Anguille de mer. Belle montre. Il marche sur la triangle. Au milieu. Vide Paris des Parisiens. Oreille interne. Au pied! Un appel. Train de luxe.

NC - Le projet de dératisation à Yaay (Ouvéa) sur l'île - Province des Iles Loyauté / INTEGRE

Kuendu Beach Resort Noumea. Kanua Tera Ecolodge Yate. Hotel Oasis De Kiamu Lifou.

Guerre de Vendée et Chouannerie de 1832

Hotel Monitel Koumac. Hotel Kodjeue Isle of Pines. Malabou Beach Hotel Poum Hienghene. Hotel Beaurivage Noumea. Load More.

New Caledonia Facts. The New Caledonia Lagoon is practically the biggest natural aquarium in the world; this World Heritage site hosts placid sea turtles, majestic eagle and manta rays, reef sharks and shoals of colourful fishes for divers. To unwind, Noumea excels at providing retail therapy with its high streets filled with outlets of almost all French and international designers. Things to Do One of the best ways to explore the Grand Terre is to rent a car and go for a winding drive into the forested mountains.

Trekking , hiking and biking down steep nature trails is as enjoyable as they are glorious to see. We recommend divers check out sites such as the shipwreck of Arrogant at Boulais, the underwater caves of Lifou and the colourful marine life at Prony Needle! Best Time to Visit This destination enjoys semi-temperate weather all year around. The touristy high season falls around September to December, characterised by low humidity and sunny weather all-around. For divers, the best time to visit is from April to November!