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The visiting party took the initiative of dropping coconuts in the water.


Suddenly, a small group of Sentinelese approached them on a canoe and took the offering. Then a young Sentinelese on the shore had his bow and arrow targeted at the visiting party.

Seeing a woman in the visiting party, one could posit that the Sentinelese now believed them to be non-threatening. Following the incident, Madhumala got into the water and began handing over coconuts in person.

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This was history in the making. The first peaceful contact between Sentinelese and outsiders triggered by the presence of a woman. The Sentinelese are known to be fiercely protective of their women. Madhumala would subsequently visit again on February 21, and this time her team were received with welcoming arms. However, the Government of India stopped such interactions, fearing the spread of an epidemic among the Sentinelese.

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A sensible decision at the time, considering what has happened to another tribe in the Andamans the Jarawas. On the recent killing of American missionary John Allen Chau, Madhumala brings a unique and much needed perspective.

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  4. Moreover, she is at pains to explain how missionaries seeking to spread a particular form of institutionalised religion in different parts of the world have no any business approaching these tribal communities in the Andaman who have for centuries lived in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings.

    For instance, when I was with the Jarawas, I was travelling one day from one village to another, but they asked me not to go since it was going to rain. This was a bright sunny day!

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    The only time mainlanders should ever consider approaching them is during natural calamities conducting rescue operations, she says. Her remarkable research on the Jarawas, Onges and the Sentinelese have become mandated reading for any anthropologists or anyone around the world looking to study them. Despite receiving multiple offers for research from Ivy League varsities, mitigating family circumstances compelled her to take up a job with the Government of India in the national capital.

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    Starting From Scratch Henrietta Knight. Hostile Contact by Gordon Kent. Read an Extract Compare Prices. Hostile Contact Synopsis In the seas off Seattle, an unidentified submarine is shadowing American ballistic-missile subs. If you loved this, you might like these About Gordon Kent Gordon Kent is the pseudonym of a father-and-son writing team, both of whom have considerable experience in the US Navy.

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