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Curiozities By The Book. Reutter Porcelain Tea Sets. Maldonado's Oz art. Images of Oz is now available. British Blog of Oz. In at 7!

5 Reasons The Wizard Of Oz Is One Of The Most Progressive Books Ever – Page 4

Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends. Elsewhere In Online Oz Some updates! The Non-Fiction of L. Frank Baum's The Wonde The Mov Joel 3 Gilbert M. Neill 4 John Ritter 1 Jon M.

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Both are rather terrifying, but fascinating nonetheless. A bystander from the town where Dorothy lived tells the real story, that there were two tornadoes, to start with, and the first one took Toto and killed him.

Oz Reimagined

This was my favorite, as it was subtly done and very convincing. Crow, nicknamed for the tattoo on her back of crows flying upwards over her shoulders, fixates on the plural of crows:. She made it into a song to sing when she was bored, and sometimes, when things got dark inside her head, she screamed it, flapping her arms and jumping on tables, screaming and screaming those same four words until the monkeys with the needles came to drag her away.

Crow believes in the power of names, and hits upon a nickname for Tina, the narrator, that fits perfectly: Tin-Girl. Not so with Adams, who is consistent in the quality of his collections. Oz Reimagined includes stories by respected writers of fantasy like Jane Yolen and Orson Scott Card, plus not so well-known writers who are doing excellent work and deserve more attention.

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