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Tables, benches and a small covered area offer places to rest and protection on rainy days. Parking and a restroom are nearby. I want to search within the following: Seattle. Gov This Site Only.

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Display - from results. This rich collection of readings offers a wide-ranging and authoritative survey of clown practices, history and theory, from the origins of the word clown through to contemporary clowning. Covering clowns in theatre, circus, cinema, TV, street and elsewhere, the author's stimulating narrative challenges assumptions and turns orthodoxy on its head. Read More.


Add to My List. Added to Cart. For more than seven decades the circuses enjoyed tremendous popularity in the Soviet Union.

How did the circus--an institution that dethroned figures of authority and refused any orderly narrative structure--become such a cultural mainstay in a state known for blunt and didactic messages? Miriam Neirick argues that the variety, flexibility, and indeterminacy of the modern circus accounted for its appeal not only to diverse viewers but also to the Soviet state. In a society where government-legitimating myths underwent periodic revision, the circus proved a supple medium of communication.

Special Order. Buku Special Order biasanya dipenuhi dalam minggu. Tidak bisa menggabungkan buku ini dengan buku lain dalam satu order. Covering the years , this history celebrates the introduction of P. Barnum into circus proprietorship, an episode that connected his name and legend with this American institution for all time. By the middle of this decade, Barnum had become the most recognized personality of the nineteenth century--and a showman who is still remembered today. Complete with index, bibliography, notes, and contemporaneous illustrations. Secrets of the Sideshows.

The carnival sideshows of the past have left behind a fascinating legacy of mystery and intrigue.

  • Pinky Visits the Zoo - Pinky Frink’s Adventures.
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The secrets behind such daring feats as fire-eating and sword swallowing and bizarre exhibitions of human oddities as "Alligator Boys" and "Gorilla Girls" still remain, only grudgingly if ever given up by performers and carnival professionals. Working alongside the performers, Joe Nickell blows the lid off these mysteries of the midway. The author reveals the structure of the shows, specific methods behind the performances, and the showmen's tactics for recruiting performers and attracting crowds.

He also traces the history of such spectacles, from ancient Egyptian.. The Circus and Victorian Society. It was during the Victorian era that the circus, whose origins lay in the fairground world, emerged as a commercialized entertainment that we would recognize today. Pinky is excited because it's time for the Frink's family vacation and they're off to go camping at the Grand Canyon. As a first-time camper, Pinky quickly learns that you wake early as the many birds act as Mother Nature's natural wildlife alarm clo When Pinky's dad must go away to New Mexico on a business trip, the whole family tags along and makes it a vacation.

As a child, Mr. Frink enjoyed exploring caves and caverns, and now he wants to share a spelunking experience with his daughter, Pinky Learning your ABC's can be lots of fun when playing a game with a friend Favorite character, Pinky Frink, invites her pal Mary to join in her new alphabet game. Together the pals search the house and the yard for items that start with the letters on The healthy habits children learn in their early years stay with them for a lifetime.

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  • Pinky Visits the Zoo - Pinky Frink's Adventures.

Pinky's Healthy Habits promotes proper hygiene, a healthy diet, the benefits of exercise and children's safety, all in a fun rhyming story that will engage a juveni In her newest adventure, Pinky Frink sets an example for early juvenile audiences about the challenges friends face when they have a learning disability.

Pinky's best friend, Mary, has dyslexia and Pinky is right there to help her friend anyway she c Together with their mothers, Pinky Frink and her best friend Mary Frack take a trip to the city zoo. They enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch while learning about different animals. They even get to feed some of the animals and Pinky gets surprised when a