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Crazy Love — 7. Sworn Enemies — 8. Making Promises — 9. Broken Hearts — Secrets — Bad Love — Changing Partners — Picture Perfect — Coming on Strong — Sweethearts — Dance with Me — Kiss and Run — Show Some Emotion — No Contest — Slow Dancing — Bye Bye Love — Something New — Love Exchange — Head Over Heels — Sweet and Sour — Lovestruck — Take Me Back — Falling For You — Prom Date — Playing Dirty — Mean To Me — Break Away — Hold Me Tight — Specials 1.

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Summer Heat! Be Mine! Beach Party! Sealed with a Kiss — The theme was two sisters deciding to take an inherited inn — the Cranberry Inn , fix it up and work and live there dragging their children with them. The cousins were Deena Scott — from Bostom , prim , with a penchant for romantic notions , classical music and polishing the teachers apple and Kathy Manelli — from San Francisco , factitious , hooked on Heavy Metal , dresses wildly and has a friend who talks to her skull ring. The formula usually had Deena making a fool out of herself , often, gleefully nudged along by wry Kathy as they battled their way through six books which covered the girls one year of high school.

Unfortunately the series ends abruptly a failure which could be connected to the rather drab packaging and faulty artwork which at times made the girls look as young as eight. On the other hand it could have been happily put aside by author who had taken it as far as she wanted. On an interesting note Christie Wells, the writer, thanks Suzanne Weyn for helping her out with the concept. Suzanne Weyn no slouch to serial fiction had her own series- Pen Pals. Rival Roommates — 2.

Jahnna N Malcolm's Bad News Ballet / Scrambled Legs books in order

Secret Crush — 3. A Class Act — 4. No More Promises — 5. Love Letters — 6. Babysitter Blues — The stories also stretched from the confines of romance to include drama and mysteries but the format was kept the same — some themes included a girl recovering from her friends suicide , a merry mushroom side story not magic mushrooms just the love of mushrooms , wild ones , fungi ala romance and even murder!

Folded after 32 books but featured a talented crew of writers and some sharply done stories. One was created after a highly successful character featured in Seventeen magazine — Sylvia Smith-Smith — a slightly weird Nancy Drew, not to mention , but I will a fatal attraction type book by R. Toughing it Out — Joan Oppenheimer — 4. Lou Dunlop : Cliffhanger — Glen Ebisch — 5. Guys , Dating and other Disasters — Arlene Erlbach — 6. All Our Yesterdays — Stuart Buchan — 7.

Sylvia Smith-Smith — Peter Nelson — 8.

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The Gifting — Ann Gabhart — 9. Bigger is Better — Sheila G. Schwartz — Eye of the Storm — Susan Dodson — Shock Effect — Glen Ebisch — Kaleidoscope — Candice Ransom — A Kindred Spirit — Ann Gabhart — The Right Moves — M. Kauffman — Lighten Up Jennifer — Kathlyn Lampi — Angel in the Snow — Glen Ebisch — The Haunting Possibility — Susan Fletcher — Dropout Blues — Arlene Erlbach — Broken Date — R. Stine — Love and Lucy Bloom — Stuart Buchan — Butterflies of Freedom — W.

Richard West — Smart Guys — Jamie Lewis — Cat and Mouse — Beverly Sommers — The Black Orchid — Susan Rubin — Bummer Summer — Phyllis Green — New Boy in School — Harriet Trueblood- Not too shabby series with longer stories than most but anything over pages seemed grandiose. Interesting handful of writers but rare and often hard to find.

Bad News Ballet Book 3: Stupid Cupids

Reckless Heart — Dee Austin — 2. Wild Prairie Sky — Cheri Michaels — 3. Savage Spirit — Dee Austin — 4. Fearless Love — Stephanie Andrews — 5. Defiant Dreams — Cheri Michaels — 6. Promise Forever — Dee Austin A short but interesting series which had the feel more of a continuing story rather like the Linda or Collette books it featured Lizzie Miletti a young girl entering sixth grade who lives in a large family of five. Her father tests bizarre products for his frozen food company and her room is situated under the stairs in a small converted nook. The stories are told in the first person and move along at a lively pace.

A good little series written by Carrie Randall. The Party — 2. The Secret — 3.

The myth of Cupid and Psyche - Brendan Pelsue

The Dance — 4. The Mystery — 5.

Levels K-P ~ Grades 2 & 3

The Roommate — 6. The Lie — Collectable or not reading wise — they are a disappointment. Some of the books offer a tad more style than the others but these are definitely more for fans than anything. Exit Stage Left — William Pasnak — 2.

Stupid Cupids (Scrambled Legs S.)

Stephanie Kaye — Ken Roberts — 3. Shane — Susin Nielsen — 5. Joey Jeremiah — Kathryn Ellis — 6.

Lucy Nazneen Sadiq — 7. Melanie — Susin Nielsen — 8. Wheels — Susin Nielsen — 9. Caitlin — Catherine Dunphy — Snake — Susin Nielsen — BLT — Cathy Dunphy Maya — Kathryn Ellis.

More tightly and succintly written than Nancy Drew the series however came to a halt after only six books which had been panned out over a period of three years. Secret of the Singing Strings 2. Danger in the Old Fort 3. The Secrets on Beacon Hill 5. The Legacy of Lucian Van Zandt 6. The Threat of the Pirate Ship Oh boy does this take me back! The Apple-Scholastic logo almost had me weepy. I remember buying books like these at my elementary school book fair. BSC Forever! I even has a BSC charm from a few years back.

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